Ever wonder what it would be like to hang out with Robert Pattinson for 24 hours during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris? Well, wonder no more because that is just what Vogue did.

If the first 10 seconds of the clip give anything away, the star of the upcoming “Batman” movie can’t even figure out how to naturally walk into the room.

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Next, they are off to Francois Demachy, the “nose of Dior”, to see the new Dior Homme- which Pattinson is the face of.

Other items on the agenda are fashion week, a “delicious” dinner and “meeting some interesting people.”

“This isn’t really a job, I shouldn’t be paid for this,” Pattinson said. “Wait, cut that part out,” he teasingly added.

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While with Demachy, Pattinson’s humour continues as he says he “used to eat his pencils” and how many people probably have to avoid “bergamot” because it reminds them of an ex-girlfriend.

Check out the full video above.