It was only a matter of time before “Saturday Night Live”  spoofed “Frozen II”, and on this week’s episode the show presented a “deleted scene” in a TV commercial for the DVD release of the Disney hit that shed some light on the apparently ambiguous sexuality of one of the main characters.

In the scene, Elsa (played by Kate McKinnon), is wandering through the woods calling out for the others. “Anna? Kristoff? Olaf? I’m gay?” she blurts out.

Wandering lost in the forest, Elsa laments, “I don’t know whether we’re headed north, south, gay, or west.”

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Encountering her sister Anna (Cecily Strong), understandably suspicious after hearing those various “gay” mentions, Elsa insists, “I’m not anything,” adding, “You have a fulfilling heterosexual marriage at the age of 18 and I’ve just spent two whole movies playing with snow. Both are equal and good. And then in ‘Frozen III’ I can just freeze my eggs.”

“Elsa, it’s okay,” Anna says, breaking into a parody of “Let It Go”, singing, “We all know! We all know! We’ve all known since you were a tween. When you dressed as Brienne of Tarth on three separate Halloweens. I don’t care what Disney says. The Twitter storm rages on.”

“The lack of any romantic interest doesn’t bother me anyway,” Elsa adds.

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Then the voice of the commercial voiceover returns, exclaiming, “Whoa, not sure I’m comfortable with that. If Elsa is gay, she can turn my son gay, right? With her powers?”

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