Hilary Duff is learning quickly what a parent can and can’t control.

Duff, 32, was a keynote speaker at the #BlogHer20 Health Summit in Los Angeles on Friday. The “Lizzie McGuire” star spoke candidly on her newfound role as a parent to two children. Duff welcomed her daughter, Banks Violet Blair Koma, in 2018 with husband Matthew Koma, and was already a mom to Luca Cruz Comrie, 7, from her marriage to Mike Comrie.

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“I have so much guilt. So much guilt. Just trying to juggle having two kids over one and trying to divide your time,” Duff said. “It’s a juggling act for sure and having a career. It is a challenge but I am so in love with what I do.”

“Having a baby is the ultimate letting go for me,” she continued. “But you just can’t control every situation. And you can’t control who your kids are. And how they behave sometimes.”

Do not get Duff wrong, there are so many aspects of being a mom that she cherishes.

“It changes with how tired I am daily.  Knowing I have both my kids peacefully sleeping under my roof. Okay, we nailed the day,” she shared. “It’s a cozy feeling of immense love for your children. And knowing that everyone is safe and happy. They expanded my heart in a way I didn’t know was possible. It’s beyond my expectations, and to see sibling love is a very special thing. It becomes an adventure.”

Duff also advocated for teaching children about periods.

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“It’s about retraining the way we think and how we teach our kids about this natural and beautiful thing that happens to our bodies,” Duff argued. “We should be proud of that happening.  And not just teaching our daughters, I need to teach my son.”

LeAnn Rimes was also at the event were she spoke about her battle with mental health.

The “Lizzie McGuire” reboot is currently in the works for Disney+.