Andy Samberg & Jimmy Fallon Go ’70s With Disco Parody Song ‘High Kickin”

Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon have a kicking problem.

On Monday’s “The Tonight Show”, the host was joined by the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star for a disco-style parody song, complete with hilarious costumes and lighting.

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In the song, called “High Kickin'”, the duo sing about their habit of kicking everything in sight, and all the difficulties that has caused in their lives.

“Since we were babies, been kickin’ up a storm,” Fallon sang. “We started kickin’ before we were born.”

“Our feet start low, and then our feet go up/ Our toes up in the air, just can’t get enough,” Samberg added.

As an example of how all that kicking interferes with their daily lives, Samberg sang, “Girls see us kicking, then ask us to leave. Got fired from Footlocker for kickin’ my boss Steve.”

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Later on the show, Samberg sat down to talk about the new season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and begged for actor Bruce Willis to do a cameo on the show.

“My character is obsessed with ‘Die Hard’ so we’ve long said getting Bruce Willie would be, like, a huge thing,” Samberg explained. “I’ve appealed many times for us. I think maybe he’s waiting for the end to shock the world. Or, he hates me.”

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