Christine Sun Kim was among the performers at Sunday’s Super Bowl in Miami — but accuses Fox of snubbing her in its coverage of the game.

Kim, an American Sign Language interpreter and performer known professionally as Ms. Kim, performed ASL versions of the U.S. national anthem and “America the Beautiful”.

However, she claims that a “bonus feed” that was supposed to broadcast her complete performance wound up snubbing her, and she accuses the network of discrimination against the deaf in an impassioned op-ed she wrote for the New York Times.

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“As a child of immigrants, a grandchild of refugees, a deaf woman of colour, an artist and a mother, I was proud to perform the national anthem and ‘America the Beautiful’ in American Sign Language at the opening of the Super Bowl on Sunday,” she wrote.

“On what was supposed to be a ‘bonus feed’ dedicated to my full performance on the Fox Sports website, the cameras cut away to show closeups of the players roughly midway through each song,” Kim continued.

“Why have a sign language performance that is not accessible to anyone who would like to see it? It’s 2020,” she continued.

According to People, Fox Sports hasn’t yet responded to a request for comment.

Kim shared photos and video from her Super Bowl performance on Instagram.


Kim is receiving support from Oscar winner Marlee Matlin, who signed the anthem at the 1993, 2007, and 2016 Super Bowls.

Matlin, who is deaf, shared her view on Twitter:

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