For an actor out promoting a new project, at a certain point, all the chat shows blend into each other.

That’s what happened to Al Pacino during a hilarious, awkward moment on BBC’s “The One Show” Tuesday night.

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The actor was there with co-star Logan Lerman to promote their new series “Hunters” and Lerman was describing the process of getting to really know a script, including dreaming about it.

“You always dream about the things you’re doing,” Pacino chimed in. “Isn’t that true?”

“Did you dream about ‘The One Show’ [last night]?” host Alex Jones asked.

After a quick, awkward pause, Jones clarified, “This is ‘The One Show’.”

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A bit later in the show, Pacino apparently thought the interview was over and started getting up to go, only they were about to air a taped segment about his long and impressive career.

“I was just going to leave,” he told them.

Jones’ co-host, Matt Baker laughed, “No, no, you’re not done.”