Andy Samberg Has Got A Serious Problem With Seth Meyers’ Dog

Andy Samberg really can’t stand Seth Meyers’ dog.

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On Tuesday, the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star was on “The Late Show” when the topic of conversation turned to the pup, whose name is Frisbee.

As it turns out, Samberg’s hatred for the dog runs so deep that he actually sent back Meyers’ family Christmas card because it featured Frisbee in the photo dressed as a reindeer.

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“You might as well have sent me anthrax,” Samberg said, pointing at the picture. “Look at this piece of s**t! I had to hire a cleaning crew ‘cuz of all the barf in my house.”

He added, “I’ve been walking home in New York drunk at four in the morning and seen rats I like more than Frisbee.”

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