Kevin Hart Says He Is Coming Back From His Near-Fatal Car Crash Stronger Than Ever

Kevin Hart is on a mission to be the best possible version of himself.

The comedian is on the cover of the new Men’s Health, and in the issue, he opens up about his recovery after being in a near-fatal car crash in September 2019.

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Kevin Hart. Photo: Benedict Evans for Men’s Health
Kevin Hart. Photo: Benedict Evans for Men’s Health

“I’m not trying to get back to where I was before – I want to be better than before. It’s a resurrection. That’s the best way for me to put it,” he says. “I feel like the other version of myself died in that moment and this new version was born to understand and to do better. Sometimes you’re not going to get it when you’re supposed to get it. But when it comes and that light bulb goes off, holy f**k.”

Hart adds, “This road to fitness matches my mindful progression. It matches my career and my approach to everything. I’m glad this is coming now. I’m getting older. I’m 40. You know, this is when I’m supposed to start realizing this s**t.”

Talking about his recovery in hospital, Hart recalls how the experience changed the way he thinks about his own life.

“It all boiled down to four walls. And in the space of those four walls was my wife and my brother, my kids and my friends, all on rotation,” he says. “And I got a chance to think about what matters, and it’s not fame. It’s not money. It’s not jewellery, cars, or watches. What matters are relationships. You know, the people that were helping me get up and out of the bed. The biggest realization came from something somebody told me. You can’t be married to your career and date your family. That blew me the f**k away.”

Kevin Hart. Photo: Benedict Evans for Men’s Health
Kevin Hart. Photo: Benedict Evans for Men’s Health

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One of the biggest changes for Hart has been an increased commitment to his family.

“Honestly, there’s a lot that I wasn’t doing. Now I’m doing a lot of little things that are important. I’m sitting with the kids before and after dinner,” Hart says. “We are doing Taco Tuesdays, Mexican-food Thursdays, Chinese-food Sundays. We got movie night twice a week.”

He adds, jokingly, “Now I’m walking my f**king dog. I’m picking up dog s**t.”

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