Andy Samberg Tries — And Fails — To Bully High School Students In Never-Before-Aired ‘SNL’ Sketch

Seth Meyers brings back an old-school “Saturday Night Live” clip for a “Late Night” “Second Chance Theatre” skit.

Meyers is joined by Andy Samberg, John Mulaney, Kenan Thompson, and more in the never-before-aired sketch, titled “Griff Banks the Sensitive Bully”.

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Samberg plays Griff in the hilarious clip: a bully who can’t help but cry every time someone says anything remotely mean to him.

Sometimes he even sobs when someone says “Hi.”

Griff moans at the end of the segment, “I’m a terrible bully. This isn’t even a varsity jacket, it’s My Little Pony! I’m not a bully, I’m just a gaping snorf!” as Meyers just shrugs.

Samberg’s “Late Night” appearance also sees him talk about how much he hates Meyers’ dog.

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