Chris Evans Offers The Perfect Casting For A Movie Based On The Coyote And Badger Viral Video

Chris Evans is totally behind a movie version of that hot new viral video of a coyote and badger becoming best friends.

Captured with a night-vision camera by the Peninsula Open Space Trust in California, the video shows a young coyote making its way into a tunnel, which allows wildlife to pass under a motorway. In an expected turn, however, the coyote stops and excitedly waits for his pal, a badger, to join him.

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The “Avengers” actor, 38, loved the video and shared it to his own Twitter page.

The sweet 13-second clip has been viewed more than 17 million times.

“I’m choosing to believe that the coyote sounds like Michael J. Fox and the badger sounds like Sam Elliot[t] and they’re best friends on an adventure,” Evans wrote, which caused fans to get behind a possible movie based on the clip.

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Now, all fans can do is wait for Disney to snap up the movie rights.

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