Hillary Clinton shares her thoughts on Donald Trump’s impeachment acquittal during an appearance on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Clinton praises Mitt Romney for taking a stand at the president’s trial, while all other Republican senators voted to acquit.

The former secretary of state shares, “I was disappointed that not more of the Republicans were willing to take the stand that Mitt Romney took.”

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“[He] gave an extraordinary speech on the floor of the Senate talking about why he felt the weight of history on his shoulders and that he was going to vote to convict on one of the articles of impeachment,” Clinton continues.

“The evidence was really clear, there was no doubt by the time it was all presented that actually the president [had] done what he was accused of, in fact he admitted that he’d done what he was accused of, he just didn’t think anybody would hold him accountable.”

Clinton adds of the upcoming presidential elections, “We’re now moving on but I hope that voters and Americans of all political stripes pay attention and say to themselves, ‘He has to be held accountable,’ and now the way to do that is in the election.”

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Clinton’s interview also sees her talk about her upcoming docuseries, “Hillary”, and how it was “emotionally draining” to revisit the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal involving then-49-year-old President Bill Clinton and 22-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky. See more below: