Ewan McGregor is discussing his terrifying ghost encounter.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night With Seth Meyers”, the actor talked about a paranormal experience he had when he turned 20. While attending a drama school in London, McGregor was staying in student housing alone as his friends went home for Easter and Passover. The “Moulin Rouge!” star decided to watch “Blue Velvet” before taking a bath, when “I was suddenly struck with this pain on my back. I ripped off my robe, and there was a big black burn mark on the back of my robe.”

Thinking he might have caught fire or that there had been a spark after removing the movie from the VCR, this was not the case.

“I looked at the robe again and now I see the whole back of the robe was singed dark brown and then this black burn mark on my shoulder blade,” McGregor recalled. “So, I freaked out. I got out of there and went to spend my birthday with my Uncle Dennis.”

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When one of his fellow students returned, he was told about a man who used to live in the neighbours’ apartment.

“The gentleman was boiling a kettle in his kitchen, and he was so hungry that he fainted,” McGregor told Meyers. “The kettle set fire to his kitchen and he was burned on his back, dragged out of the house, and he died of his burns to his back.”

McGregor quickly confirmed the story with the landlady.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t wish to harm you,” she told McGregor.