MacKenzie Porter Gets Emotional In Powerful New Video For ‘Seeing Other People’

MacKenzie Porter wants couples to be careful what they wish for when they decide to see other people.

In her new video for the single “Seeing Other People”, the singer-actress (“Travelers”, “Hell on Wheels”) sings about how she thought it would be a good idea — until she sees her significant other out with another woman and realizes she’s completely heartbroken.

“I thought that seeing other people was something I wanted, but I think I hate it if I’m being honest,” she sings.

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“What if I messed up and you fall in love with her and you get married and she has your babies?” she continues as tears flow. “What if I missed my chance?”

Overwhelmed with emotion, she wonders if it’s “too late not to take it back.”

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“’Seeing Other People’ is about the hardest moment after a breakup,” Porter explains.

“Seeing that person out with someone who isn’t you. Your whole stomach drops when you see your person looking happier with someone else. I know that feeling all too well and I know so many others have felt the same. I can’t wait for people to hear the heart and vulnerability of this song.”

“Seeing Other People” is available now.

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