50 Cent cut his Complex interview short after being questioned about his feud with French Montana.

The rapper clearly wasn’t interested in talking about French but the reporter continued to quiz him on the long-standing beef despite 50 insisting he didn’t want to discuss it because “there’s nothing really going on.”

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The artist, who has been busy promoting the new ABC drama “For Life”, which he worked on as an executive producer, was then asked about the rumours he reportedly “snuffed” French in a Miami club.

He replied, “No, there’s no truth to that. Would I do a thing like that?” to which the interviewer quipped, “I wouldn’t put it past you.”

This was when 50 took off his microphone and got up to leave, asking: “Why would you think that way? You think Will Smith would do that? I can’t believe you would say these things about me. This guy right here would assault French Montana. Why would I do a thing like that?”

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The latest French and 50 drama comes after the “Candy Shop” star and his fans accused French of “faking” Spotify streams.

However, French then suggested it was 50 behind the whole thing:

50 recently insisted he wasn’t going to be arguing with anybody else following Kobe Bryant’s tragic death.