JLo Tears Up Talking About Super Bowl Performance, Reveals Congratulatory Call From Bruce Springsteen

Jennifer Lopez paid a visit to “The Tonight Show” on Friday, where she gave host Jimmy Fallon an emotional recap of her Super Bowl halftime performance with Shakira.

JLo couldn’t contain her emotions as she opened up about what went into the show. “We worked so hard,” she told Fallon, tears flowing. “We started working on my set in November, and it was just every single day. It’s a short amount of time, you know what I mean? But so much goes into that moment. It’s hundreds of people. They put that stage together, and then you get on it, and then you rock — it’s such a big deal. I’m just glad everybody liked it! That’s why I got emotional!”

Fallon pointed to her pole-dancing during the halftime show, atop a miniature replica of the Empire State Building.

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“I wanted it to be like, women are on top off the world,” she said, adding the bit was a “little nod to ‘Hustlers’… It was like, ‘Look Ma, no hands!'”

Lopez was also a proud mom when she recalled the moment when her daughter, Emme, joined her onstage during “Let’s Get Loud”, adding some lyrics from Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.”

“You know, she has the performance gene,” Lopez said of her daughter. “She doesn’t let it in her mind how big [the performance] is or how it scares you. That’s what you have to do, when you’re up there, you know — you kind of have to [have] control. She has that gene, that gene of ‘I’m comfortable up here.”

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Added Lopez: “I think she gets amped. She gets excited, but like a cute excited. I wish I felt more like her. I wish I didn’t realize all of the ramifications of all the thousands of things that could go wrong, which is what makes you nervous. But she has a good time with it, and I would never make her do it if she felt uncomfortable in any way.”

Lopez also revealed that she called Springsteen personally to seek his blessing to integrate “Born in the USA” into the performance, and also received a post-game call from The Boss.

“He called after the Super Bowl and he was like, ‘You girls can really sing and dance,’” Lopez told Fallon. “He said him and his wife Patti [Scialfa] loved hearing the song. He’s like, ‘It made our hearts leap with joy.’ So that was a great thing.”


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