Kris Humphries’ rumored ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj randomly went on a Twitter rant, spitting cheating accusations at the newly divorced and pregnant Kim Kardashian.

The grammatically incorrect tweets began when Sinanaj, a reported key witness in Kardashian and Humphries’ divorce, posted a pic of a check that was allegedly from the reality star and her lawyer. She captioned the photo, writing: “Going to cash my check before it expires LOL don’t know weather to thank Kim K. Or her lawyer Laura Wassse.”;

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That’s when the rant began. “U know what finding this check just pi**ed me off! truth is my a** didn’t want to go to her dumb deposition so i said i have no $ for gas, but that didn’t stop her from mailing me a check that’s how bad she wanted me to go! which i don’t understand WHY,”; Sinanaj wrote in a series of tweets on Friday, May 31.

The 25-year-old then alleges that Kardashian, 33, cheated on her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush with her new beau and the father of her child, 35-year-old rapper Kanye West. “She should THANK ME for my discretion for not mentioning the fact when i was the Overnight Manager at the W hotel,”; Sinanaj writes. “I was the one making Kanye keys to her suite at 2am!!! Back when she was supposed to be with the love of her life Reggie Bush right??”;

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“THERE is SOOOO much more that i know and had to be quiet about but i ain’t working at the hotel no more so F*** it!!!”; she adds. “My advice to Kanye is “if they cheat with you they cheat on you’ remember that sh**..”;

Sinanaj followed up her Friday rant by writing on Monday, June 2: “People hate the truth when it’s not what they want to hear!!”;

What do you think? Is this woman telling the truth, and if so, is it right to air this out onTwitter? Let us know, below.

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