“Birds of Prey” has come under fire for the costuming and styling of the Birds in the newest comic film.

Reviews have suggested that the women are not sexy enough, with one comment adding, “even women want to see attractive women onscreen.”

Producer Sue Kroll had the perfect response to the haters.

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“I read that and I thought, ‘Oh my God. That’s so asinine’, … It just goes to show you ― it’s obviously a very subjective thing ― but I think the world is used to,” Kroll said. “When you look at the comics, you see these women in there, it’s always very tight clothing, short shorts, boobs pushed up. It’s always very graphic in that way. And we were having none of that. But I think they all look beautiful and sexy, and if you look at [Black Canary Jurnee Smollett-Bell] and her costumes, she’s wearing a bustier but of a different kind. That’s not sexy? She’s not sexy in the club? You bet she is. She’s gorgeous. That’s nuts.”

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Sexy is in the eye of the beholder and each woman has her own style as Kroll points out.

She added, “These women are unapologetically badass, audacious, crazy and every one of them is sexy in their own way. I think that just goes to show you what kind of bias there is, … It’s just a silly comment. But I think our women are beautiful. And it looks like you can actually kick somebody’s ass in those pants.”

“Birds of Prey” is in theatres now.