Jeff Probst Explains Challenges With ‘Survivor’ Celebrity Edition: ‘I’ve Approached People’

Jeff Probst has definitely considered a celebrity edition of “Survivor”.

The “Survivor” host sat down with “People Now” on Monday and divulged the challenges in doing a star-studded “Survivor” season. Probst, 58, said there is interest but the logistics are challenging.

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“In terms of doing a celebrity season, the truth is, when I’ve approached people a few years ago, everybody goes, ‘Look, honestly, I could barely get eight days off, let alone 39,” Probst explained.

“So if you ever did it, it would have to be a really short maybe Christmas special where you go to Hawaii for eight days,’” he continued. “And then is it ‘Survivor’? No.”

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Probst also dished on the celebrity fans of the show, which include “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon and “How I Met Your Mother” star, Neil Patrick Harris.

“Well, ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’, just learned,” he said of learning Rachel Brosnahan is a fan. “It’s really fun when people like Tyler [Perry], and Fallon does it a lot, send me notes with ideas because I’m still this kid from Wichita.”

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