Justin Bieber Admits He Turned To God For Help After Drug Addiction Got So Bad He Felt Like He Was Dying: ‘It Was Crazy Scary’

Justin Bieber says he made a deal with God to quit drugs in the latest episode of “Justin Bieber: Seasons”, titled “The Dark Season”.

Bieber says he first tried marijuana when he was 13 years old, before becoming dependent on drugs after he soared to fame.

The singer says, “I was popping pills, I was doing molly, ‘shrooms… everything. It was just an escape for me.”

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He adds, “I decided to stop [drugs] because I felt like I was dying, my security were coming into the room at night to check my pulse. People don’t know how serious it got; it was legit crazy scary.

“I was waking up in the morning and the first thing I was doing was popping pills and smoking a blunt and starting my day.”

Bieber admits he then turned to God for help, telling the camera: “I basically said to myself, ‘God, if you’re real, you get me through this season of stopping these pills and stuff and if you do, I’ll do the rest of the work.’

“I did that and then I was good from there, but I never did the actual work. I got off the pills, but I never went to the root of everything. So then I just kind of circle back around, which most people do.”

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Bieber adds in the episode, which also sees him talk about his battle with Lyme disease, “I’ve abused my body in the past and now I’m just in the recovery process trying to make sure I’m taking care of my body and taking care of the vessel that God’s given me… there’s so many people that have gifts, and an opportunity to make a change, and they end up either losing it or using their gifts for selfish reasons.”

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