James Corden Makes Dr. Phil And His Wife’s Dreams Come True By Allowing Them To Live Out Their ‘Price Is Right’ Fantasy

James Corden had quite the surprise for Dr. Phil and his wife Robin McGraw during an appearance on Monday’s “Late Late Show”.

The pair are huge fans of “The Price Is Right”, and even spent their honeymoon 43 years ago sitting in the audience of the show, so naturally Corden had them play it.

He explained, “Tonight, we’re going to give you a second honeymoon.”

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Pulling out the yellow name tags, Corden added: “We’ve spoken to the people at ‘The Price Is Right’. They have very, very kindly lent us one of the actual games from the show, so you head up to the audience and we’ll see if you get chosen.”

Of course, they were chosen to play, with Phil saying where he was from and what he did for a living: “Well, we’re from Texas, actually, and I don’t do s**t.”

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The couple played Robin’s favourite game: Cliffhangers. See how they did in the clip above.

Phil also spoke about proposing to his wife on Valentine’s Day and what he wore on his wedding day.

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