Taika Waititi is officially an Oscar winner.

On Tuesday’s, the Best Adapted Screenplay recipient appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” alongside his 12-year-old “Jojo Rabbit” co-star Roman Griffin Davis.

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In the interview, Waititi talks about winning the Oscar and explains why the screenwriting award was particularly helpful when it came to preparing his acceptance speech.

“This is actually one of the better awards because with writing you don’t have to thank anyone,” he jokes. “I did all the typing. There was no one else.”

He continues, “I share the thing with the producers, and with my mum, who introduced me to the book, which I adapted. But she didn’t do any of the typing. I did that. So she can come and look at it, but I’m not sharing it with anyone.”

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Waititi also admits he had some hesitation about playing the imaginary Adolf Hitler in the film, saying, “It made no sense to me because, look at me. Way too good looking to play Hitler.”