Chelsea Handler is hoping to be more “open-minded” in life and in love.

As Health magazine‘s March cover star the comedian, 44, opened up about why she decided to return to stand-up and why she’s throwing her previous thoughts about choosing a partner out the window.

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“I had a fear about going back to stand-up,” Handler explained. “I had taken such a long break from it. I didn’t think I ever would want to do it again. I was telling stories from the book, and they were really funny. Some of them were very moving and really resonated with the audiences. I thought, ‘Oh, this is a one-woman show.’ And then I thought, ‘No, this is a stand-up show. This is what you’ve done your whole career.'”

And being open to the idea to return to her passion helped her be open about love.

“I have to be more open and less judgmental,” she said. “My thing is, like, If I see him wearing the wrong kind of shoes or if he has a weird walk—see you later. I’ve always been judging people by things that are not reasonable to be judging them for. So my goal in finding somebody is just to be more open-minded.”

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Meanwhile, Handler also plans to launch her own line of weed, “Weed has had such a positive impact on me. Therapy, meditation, and weed—those are the three things that really changed me. I used to drink all the time. I thought I could handle my alcohol, but I didn’t realize how much your body and your life changes when it’s not in your life every day.”

She added, “Now I’m not giving up drinking… I would never do that to people—or to alcohol. But it’s nice to wake up with clarity.”

Handler’s issue of Health magazine hits newsstands Feb. 14.