Kaitlyn Bristowe’s dream dress turned out to be a nightmare.

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The “Bachelorette” alum took to Instagram to tell fans how she was duped by a sponsored Instagram ad. Bristowe, 34, saw a stunning dress on her Instagram feed which she went on to purchase. What she received, however, was not what she had expected.

“This grandma dress is what came in the mail. It literally is like a grandma material — no offence to all my grandmas out there — it doesn’t fit nice at all,” she said. “This is a size 0 and it’s not even hugging me. It’s like the cheapest material. It’s already fraying at the bottoms. Like no! I fell for it!”

“Such intricate beading vs zero f**kin’ beads,” she continued comparing the two outfits. “Beautiful pearl waistline vs 5-YEAR-OLD STITCHING. Don’t even get me started on the skirt.”

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Bristowe described the experience as the “ultimate Instagram fake-out.”