Sandra Bullock has taken on a new role: interviewer with Interview Magazine, asking questions of cover subject Jennifer Aniston for the mag’s latest issue.

During the chat, actor Tate Donovan comes up, for a very interesting reason: he was , at various times, boyfriend of both Aniston and Bullock.

“We were introduced by our former boyfriend. I say ‘our’ because you and I both partook of this one human being,” Bullock explained. “We both partook of Tate… Who was a very patient human being, given that he dated us both.”

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Bullock, 55, was once engaged to the 56-year-old “Argo” star, whom she met on the set of their 1992 comedy “Love Potion No. 9”.

After they broke up, he began seeing Aniston, 51 — and even appeared in a multi-episode arc on “Friends” — before they split in 1998.

As Bullock joked, Donovan “seems to have a type,” women who are “talented, funny, kind, introspective and generous.”

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Aniston had a few more descriptives to add, noting that Donovan also appreciates “lovers of architecture” and “lovers of interior design.”

You can read more of Bullock interviewing Aniston right here; meanwhile, Interview also shared some sizzling photos of Aniston — who celebrated her 51st birthday on Tuesday — on Instagram:

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