SPOILER ALERT: Plot points from Tuesday night’s live episode of “The Conners” will be revealed, so be forewarned before reading on.





“The Conners” went live on Tuesday, and things got a little political.

As Deadline reported, the live episode of the Roseanne-less “Roseanne” spinoff kicked off with Mark (Ames McNamara) watching live news coverage of the New Hampshire Democratic primary — as it actually happened — for a school report.

There were plenty of references to politics — and Broadway musicals about politics. In one segment, Mark expresses his mistaken belief that Alexander Hamilton had been president.

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“Yes, he was good,” Mark is informed, “but he wasn’t president — he was just the character in a musical that is so expensive we’ll never see it.”

Meanwhile, tensions flare between Dan (John Goodman) and his kids when Louise (Katey Sagal) reveals she has an exciting opportunity that will take her out of Lanford, leading Dan’s familyy to throw her a going-away party that goes horribly awry.

Ultimately, the family gathered together in the Conner family kitchen to urge viewers to cast a vote in November, providing a compelling reason to vote: “You can’t make people feel stupid about who they voted for unless you voted.”

Fans who watched shared their opinions on social media — check out this sampling:

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