Jim Carrey and Conan O’Brien showed off their artistic skills Tuesday.

O’Brien brought up Carrey’s drawings, many of which are controversial, during the “Conan” chat.

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The actor admitted, “I think the art does me, it’s not something I can help,” adding that there’s a lot of “angst, worry, and anger going on” in the world right now.

“I wanted to do a little sketch of you, Conan,” Carrey then said.

“But, I think it’s only fair if you actually attempt to do a sketch of me as well.”

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The pair then spent the interview drawing on their sketch pads, before unveiling their impressions of one another at the end of the clip.

Carrey’s version of O’Brien had a very big quiff, while the talk-show host’s drawing impressed the “Mask” superstar, despite being a tad on the small side.

See the renderings in the video above.