Taylor Swift Talks Cameras Capturing Her Creative Process For The First Time In ‘Miss Americana’

Taylor Swift continues her candor on the heels of the release of her Netflix documentary “Miss Americana”.

In a new clip featuring director Lana Wilson, the Grammy Award winner opens up about having a full film crew capture her writing and recording tracks for her platinum-selling album Lover.

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“I honestly had no idea how it would affect the creative process,” Swift reveals. “That was the first time I ever had a camera crew in the studio. It’s always been really off-limits.”

But the immediate feedback proved beneficial: “It was actually amazing having you in the studio because, like, we’d finish writing a song and…a sound guy would be like ‘This is really — that’s a really good song.'”

Throughout the documentary, fans were treated to an intimate look at the creation of “ME!” — Swift’s duet with Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie — and the female empowerment anthem “The Man”.

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“That is a concept I’ve thought about for so many years, but I just always thought…I want say it in a way that’s, like, a satire,” Swift explains. “Like, kind of funny, but it’s also making a very serious point.”

When Wilson asks Swift if the cameras ever felt intrusive, the 30-year-old shares that more often than not, she’d get lost in her work: “I disappear into my phone, because my phone is where I keep my notes and my phone is where I’m editing.”

The singer-songwriter also discussed how her process differs from artists, sharing that she typically finishes an entire song during a session. “I kind of have to capitalize on the excitement of me getting that idea and see it all the way through, or else I’ll leave it behind,” she admits. “I’ll just assume it wasn’t good enough.”

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Both she and Wilson revel in the documentary’s ability to catch the exact moment of excitement and awe when Swift perfected an idea.

“I remember when I used to get an idea when I was 12 years old in my room. I’d first get an idea and I’d be like ‘YES!'” she recalls. “Then I’d get this like…fear, and almost sorrow that no one was ever gonna hear it.”

Clearly, that’s no longer the case.

For more, watch the entire clip above.

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