The 1975 Will Only Play Festivals Featuring Gender Parity

Music festivals are too male, and the 1975 aren’t having it anymore.

On Wednesday, frontman Matt Healy committed on Twitter to only performing at festivals that feature a gender-balanced lineup of artists.

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Healy’s tweets came in response to a Guardian journalist who called out the Reading and Leeds festival for featuring only 20 female-driven acts out of 91 artists on the announced lineup.

Of the 18 acts performing on the festival’s main stage, only three feature women.

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Speaking to the Guardian, Healy explained, the issue is important to him “because the people that go to them feel more included and more represented. It’s as simple as that. All the best art for me made me feel personally addressed.”

He also added that he would like to see other artists take a similar stand for representation.

“It’s all about action,” he said. “When it comes to big sociopolitical issues and governments are involved, sometimes action or protest can just be ignored. But when it comes to the music industry, we can change that. It’s not a geopolitical nightmare: it’s the music industry, and it’s something that if everyone gets on board, we can fix.”

Healy added, “I’m not saying the people in those roles now are blindly ignorant, but people need a kick up the arse. And we should accept that some people are willing to learn.”

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