Josh Grobran Gobsmacked By Priest’s Impromptu Performance: ‘I S**t You Not’

Josh Groban accidentally cursed at a Catholic priest.

Groban performed at Caesars Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, and handed the microphone to a concertgoer. The man in question, Patrick Setto, blew Groban away with his amazing vocal rendition of “To Where You Are”.

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“That was wonderful. My goodness,” Groban praised. “You just gave me a nice little break there, Patrick… I s**t you not Patrick, when I come back here in a year, I’m going to be playing in the bar and I’m going to see posters for Patrick. And then I go, ‘That son of a…”

Someone from the crowd cut Groban off and informed him that “Patrick” is often referred to as “Father Patrick Setto”.

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“Yes? You’re a Catholic priest!” he exclaimed before covering his mouth in shock and walking away. “My one curse word of the night had to be at a priest. At a priest.

“I’ve always thought his personality is really down to earth,” Setto told CBC. “He’s a simple guy, he’s funny, he knows how to relate to people, and I think his music … has a spiritual message. Whether he intended that or not, the music has got an almost supernatural touch to it.”

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