Ashley Judd is getting some backlash after endorsing Elizabeth Warren for president of the United States.

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After Warren shared a video of the actress making fundraising calls for the campaign, trolls took to Twitter to mock the actress’ appearance.

Also tweeting about the video was actor Dean Cain, who has been vocal about his conservative politics in recent years.

Responding to one of Cain’s fans, a Twitter user explained that Judd’s appearance is due to treatment for chronic illnesses.

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Lest anyone think he was endorsing attacks on Judd’s looks, Cain clarified in response that he had only taken issue with her politics.

Cain has previously endorsed Donald Trump for president.

On Friday, the actress revealed that “siege migraines” have caused her to stop exercising and have forced her to resort to Botox as treatment. According to Judd, doctors have told her not to participate in extraneous physical activity.

In an essay posted to Facebook, she called out the “patriarchy and all who participate in it” for insulting her appearance.

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