Prince Charles Teams Up With Vin+Omi For Sustainable Fashion Line

Prince Charles and Vin + Omi’s new fashion line is the collaboration you didn’t know you needed.

Prince Charles will be donating his garden waste to the British brand that is known for its sustainable avant-garde fashion.

“We love working with Prince Charles and we have a lot of fun doing it,” co-founder of the brand Omi told People. “He has been very involved in terms of what we are doing, and it’s an ongoing relationship, which is really lovely.”

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This isn’t the first time they have worked together. The designers harvested over 3000 nettle plans from the heir’s Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire that were then used for the Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

The show that will take place during London Fashion Week includes hydrangeas, nettles, willow, ash, wood chippings and horsehair clippings from the stables of Charles’ home.

“He is very aware of the materials and it’s quite humbling –  people call us pioneers of sustainability, and then you meet someone like Prince Charles and he knows so much,” added Omi.

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Omi and Vin first met Charles at an event in 2018. Upon learning about their plan to use garden waste and make it into sustainable fabric, Charles invited them to Highgrove.

“Sometimes I can’t believe I’m talking to the future King of England – even to be having conversations around sustainability is bizarre because you would think that someone so privileged wouldn’t be interested, but he is very learned,” they said before eluding to the brand’s punk roots. “Our whole brand ethos is against everything that comes with establishment, but it’s amazing that something as simple as the environment can link different people together.”

And Charles is very hands-on with the collaboration, suggesting new material they can use like the root horseradish. “That came from him and his team and it’s brilliant! We are looking into that at the moment,” Omi added.

The designer concluded, “He has a great sense of humour, he’s very quick witted, so there is always banter between us all. I love our conversations with him. I never dreamt in my wildest dreams growing up that I would get invited to his house, that I would be having dinner or even having coffee with him — it’s just the weirdest experience in the world!”

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