Jameela Jamil Claps Back After Being Accused Of Having Munchausen Syndrome, Boyfriend James Blake Slams Haters

Jameela Jamil is not prepared to be called a fraud.

Jamil responded to claims she suffers Munchausen Syndrome, which causes people to fake health scares for attention. “The Good Place” actress recently came out as queer, this after she was announced as a host for an HBO Max voguing show. Critics argued that Jamil’s past statements about accidents, allergies and other incidents don’t add up.

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“First I’m lying about my sexuality, now I’m now being accused of Munchausen?” she asked. “By an unhinged idiot who didn’t even realize in all her ‘research’ that my car accident injury stories are ‘different’ because they were about TWO SEPARATE CAR ACCIDENTS 13 years apart? You can keep it.”

“Being gaslit over your health for entertainment is a very specific pain and trauma that a lot of people with Ehlers Danlos/invisible disability have to face every day from people who don’t understand our vastly under-researched condition,” Jamil continued. “And to what end? Who wins?”

Jamil did not understand why she was being subjected to such harsh criticism.

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“If I was an oil tycoon destroying the planet, or a serial sex offender I would maybe understand this vitriol and effort to target and harass me,” she argued. “But I’m just a mental health/eating disorder advocate actually taking the time to change public policy and legislation to protect kids.”

“If the worst thing you’ve got on me is that I ran away from bees which I have a phobia of, twice in 34 years into the road, when bees and roads are everywhere, so that’s not really an extraordinary story,” the actress concluded. “And my allergies/intolerances lessened as I grew older… then lol.”

Jamil also clapped back at British TV host Piers Morgan, who tagged her in a snarky tweet.

Jameel’s boyfriend, musician James Blake, issued a lengthy response to the haters, explaining that he finds it “pretty disgusting to watch the woman I love just be dog piled on every day,” adding that just because she’s “attractive, tall, and successful doesn’t mean she hasn’t been sick.”

In response, Jameel calling him “my best friend and my biggest love”

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