Much like “The Blues Brothers” and their iconic declaration to be on “a mission from God,” Chance the Rapper believes that his collaborations with Kanye West are of a similar divine origin.

In a sneak peek shared on Twitter of an upcoming NBC News interview with Chance, the Chicago rapper discusses his relationship, both professional and personal, with Yeezy.

“I think iron sharpens iron,” he tells interview Al Roker of working with another rapper at such a high level of talent.

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“We’re both imperfect people and I’m able to call him out on things I don’t necessarily agree with,” he admits. “He’s called me out on things he doesn’t agree with.”

When all is said and done, however, Chance tells Roker that it’s no accident that he and West have come to be in each other’s lives.

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“I do fully believe, now more than ever, that we were paired together by God and that we’re supposed to be in each other’s corner,” he adds.

Fans can catch Roker’s full interview with Chance on the third hour of “Today”, airing on Thursday, Feb. 13.

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