Katie Holmes is about to learn a secret — actually, The Secret, in a new movie based on Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling 2006 self-help book about using the law of attraction to better one’s life.

In “The Secret: Dare to Dream”, Holmes stars as a Louisiana widow Miranda Wells, struggling to raise three children by herself. When a massive storm blows through and leaves her roof wrecked, she meets a mysterious handyman (Josh Lucas) who repairs the damage to her home and her family.

As he grows closer to Mirana and her children over the few days, he shares his belief that the power of thought can shape our reality, leading Miranda to realize this mystery man has a hidden connection to her past.

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In addition to Holmes and Lucas, Jerry O’Connell and Celia Weston also star.

“The Secret: Dare to Dream” makes its way into theatres on April 17.

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