Jessica Simpson Talks Revealing She Was Sexual Abused As A Child: ‘Secrets Will Eat Us Alive’

Jessica Simpson is sitting down with Coach Mike (Mike Bayer) to talk about her new memoir, Open Book.

While on “The Coach Mike Podcast”, Simpson, 39, revealed why she decided to now speak about her past sexual abuse as a child.

“I was about five or six when it started,” she said in a clip obtained by the Daily Mail. “I really wanted to speak out about it as a parent because it’s very important to know that some of the closest people in your life you need to keep a watch on.”

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The fashion mogul has three children, Maxwell, 7, Ace, 6 and Birdie, 10 months.

“I really wanted to speak on it because my daughter where I was, you know, being sexually abused,” she said before adding, “And, secrets will eat us alive.”

In Open Book, Simpson revealed that when she 6, she would share the bed with the daughter of family friends, who abused Simpson. She didn’t tell her parents until she was 12.

“I have a lot of that fear of going to sleep because as a child I developed these terrible protective things,” Simpson writes in the book. “I didn’t want to hurt her family, she was being abused as well. I had compassion for her.”

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The book also addresses her relationship with ex-John Mayer which resulted in her abusing alcohol and pills.

She spoke of getting sober with Coach Mike.

“I have to say that sex is so much better sober,” she quipped.

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