Justin Bieber sat down with Zane Lowe fresh off the release of his newest album Changes, where he discussed everything from Billie Eilish to his early career.

The Apple Music’s Beats 1 interview revealed that fans should be thanking his wife, Hailey Bieber, as she is the one who inspired him to create new music.

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“I’m freaking married now. I got the best wife in the world. She supports me through so much. I’m really honoured to be her husband and I just — yes. There’s more to come,” he said. “I mean, I want to continue to write about what it looks like to be… This is an album I wrote in the first year of our marriage, so it’s so fresh.”

He added, “There’s so much more to learn about commitment, and building trust, and foundation. I’m looking forward to continuing to build and make music that’s going to reflect that. I think I’m excited about this, but I’m just like, there’s so much more.”

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Bieber also spoke about growing up in the public eye.

“I definitely have grown up in front of the world for sure. But there’s nothing… I mean, just even thinking now, what we’re doing right now is we are building, we’re building a relationship,” he said. “What you and I are doing right now, we’re building trust, we’re building- what you and I are doing right now, we’re building trust. We’re building… This isn’t just… I mean, people will see this and look at it as an interview, but what we’re doing is we’re just two men sitting down, talking about life and the human condition.”

The full interview will air on Feb. 15.