Anna Kendrick ‘Accidentally’ Mocked British TV Stars To Their Face

Anna Kendrick accidentally made fun of two beloved British stars to their face.

While on “The Graham Norton Show”, Kendrick spoke about how she loves that, despite England’s small size, there is so many different accidents.

“I was checking into a hotel once and a man came out and said ‘Do you need help with your bags?’ and I thought they were doing a bit, so I said: ‘We have been travelling all day, you have no idea.’ But they kept talking like that, so I had to slowly transition out of it,” Kendrick recalled while imitating a posh British accent.

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Isabel Infantes/PA Images via Getty Images
Isabel Infantes/PA Images via Getty Images

Yet the couple turned out to be Steph and Dom Parker of the UK television show “Gogglebox”.

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“I returned to the country several years later and they were on TV on Gogglebox because they were Steph and Dom. So they actually talked like that and I was accidentally making fun of them,” she added.

Kendrick appeared on the show with Justin Timberlake to promote their movie “Trolls World Tour” which hits theatres on March. 11.

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