Steve Buscemi proved to a good sport during Friday night’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” when host Jimmy Fallon confronted him with an array things made better by superimposing the actor’s visage on them.

First up, a romantic candle in which Buscemi’s head was superimposed atop the chubby body of Cupid firing an arrow, along with the slogan, “I love you more than I love Steve Buscemi.”

In addition, Fallon also showed Buscemi a meme of Baby Yoda with the actor’s eyes Photoshopped atop those of the character from “The Mandalorian”.

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“He just became sexy Baby Yoda,” quipped Buscemi.

Interestingly enough, Fallon pretty much did the same bit with Buscemi that last time he appeared on “Tonight” back in 2014:

Later in the show, Buscemi shared an anecdote about attending a party where Paul McCartney was supposed to show up. While awaiting the arrival of Sir Paul, he met a young woman who introduced herself as Pink, telling him she had an album that was about to come out.”

“This was 20 years ago… but I had no idea who she was,” said Buscemi, recalling that she told him her name was inspired by his character in “Reservoir Dogs”, Mr. Pink.

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“But I was so anxious and nervous about meeting Paul McCartney that I don’t even know if I said anything to her. I think I just, like, looked at her.”

All these years later, he offered her an apology. “Hey Pink!” he said to the camera. “I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Upon hearing this, Pink sighed a sigh of relief as she thought all this time she scared one of her favourite stars upon meeting him.

“Aaaahhhhh for 20 YEARS I WAS CONVINCED I SCARED THE S**T OUT OF HIM!!!!!! Yaye I can sleep now, I love you still xoxoxo,” she tweeted.

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