Ne-Yo and wife Crystal Renay are calling it quits on their four-year marriage.

In a new interview with the “Private Talk with Alexis Texas” podcast, the “Miss Independent” singer confirmed that he and his wife, who wed in February 2016, have split.

“It’s slowly but surely becoming public knowledge that myself and my wife have decided to go ahead and get a divorce,” he said. “It’s not a sad thing, it’s more of a us realizing — long story short, I’m never gonna talk bad about her. I’m not that person. There’s nothing bad to say about her. She’s a fantastic woman. She’s the mother of my children and she’s always gonna be that and I will always respect her.”

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However, he hinted that the relationship may have been a tumultuous one. “Long story short, she’s got demons just like everybody else, just like me,” he explained. “We realize that our demons don’t mesh and until both of us get a hold of our personal demons, it’s gonna be just difficult for us to stay married.”

However, he appeared to have made his peace with the decision to divorce. “With that being said, that’s that, that’s the end of that chapter, not the end of the book,” he said. “Like I said, that’s the mother of my kids and I love her to death. We’re going to be family forever.”

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Back in 2016, People reported on the couple’s wedding, which took place while the bride was nine months pregnant; she gave birth to the couple’s son Prince Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr. in March 2016. In 2018, the couple welcomed a second son, Roman Alexander-Raj Smith.

“I’m more concerned about her making it all that way down that aisle or if the water breaks or something,” joked Ne-Yo at the time, telling the magazine, “We’re looking forward to just being each others’ best friend.”

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