Justin Bieber Shows Off His ‘Baby Face’ After Shaving ‘Mustashio’

Fans were unsure of what to think of Justin Bieber’s new moustache and now they no longer have to worry as he has shaved it.

The singer shared a picture of his clean-shaven face on Instagram, writing, “I shaved. MUSTASHIO went on holiday, but he will be back in due time.”

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Over the photo, the words “Baby Face Biebs” were written.

He also filmed himself shaving it off and shared it on Instagram Stories.

Beliebers were torn over if this was a positive or negative change.

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“Thank you,” wrote one person, while another added, “FINALLYYYYY.”

“Noooo you should sell it on eBay though,” the pro-moustache team commented. Someone else chimed in, “We will miss him dearly.”

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun wrote, “Where the hell is ricardo mustachio?? What have you done with him??? 😂”

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