Andy Cohen Addresses NeNe Leakes’ Absence From ‘RHOA’: ‘Everything That Was Shot With NeNe Is In The Show’

Andy Cohen is shutting down rumours that Bravo is “phasing out” NeNe Leakes from “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”.

During Sunday night’s “Watch What Happens Live”, Cohen addressed the gossip with Leakes’ “RHOA” co-star Kenya Moore.

“NeNe tweeted in a question for you,” Cohen told Moore. “She wants to know why you are doing press saying Bravo is phasing her out? She says it’s not true. She’s great.”

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“Oh, well, then I guess she would need to ask Bravo why they’re cutting her out of many episodes this season,” Moore replied. “I’m not the one behind the editing. I’m not the one doing the editing and figuring out the show.”

“I think she is,” Moore added in response to Cohen’s question, “You’re saying that she’s being phased out?” “That’s not something that I can absolutely say. I mean, if you’re being cut out of episodes, clearly the sign is you’re not as important as you think you are.”

“I don’t think she’s being cut out of episodes because I think everything that was shot with NeNe is in the show,” Cohen explained. “We’re not cutting anything out. I’m saying everything that we shot with her… There’s nothing that’s been left out.”

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Leakes later thanked Cohen for “clearing” up the rumours:

As “RHOA” fans know, Leakes and Moore have notoriously disliked each other for almost a decade.

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