Wendy Williams Hit By Backlash After She Appeared To Make ‘Come On Down’ Comments About Murder Of Drew Carey’s Former Fiancee

As soon as one controversy dies down for Wendy Williams, another one pops up.

The daytime talk-show host, who apologized last week after being hit with backlash for her remark that gay men will “never be the women that we are,” may be crafting another apology after Monday’s show.

During her Hot Topics segment, Williams brought up the tragic murder of Dr. Amie Harwick, former fiancee of Drew Carey.

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In her discussion, Williams makes it clear it was Harwick’s former boyfriend, and not Carey, who pushed her off a third-storey balcony to her death.

“I’ll give you a little backstory,” Williams told her audience, “but she was killed not by Drew but by the ex.”

At that point, Williams raised her eyes to look up, and then cast them downward as she used the phrase made famous from the Carey-hosted game show “The Price is Right”.

“Come on down…” said Williams while staring at the floor. The comment was met with silence from the audience, except for a few audible groans.

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Viewers took to Twitter to share their outrage.

Williams’ discussion of Harwick can be seen just after the 10-minute mark in the video above.

A rep for “The Wendy Williams Show” had no comment at this time.

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