Dan Levy spoke about being an extra in Kelly Clarkson’s music video for “Behind These Hazel Eyes” as he chatted with the singer on her show Monday.

Levy’s role came long before his “Schitt’s Creek” stardom, with the actor revealing how things turned dramatic for Clarkson as she filmed the vid.

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The pair recalled how the musician wasn’t told about there being a staircase behind a door that she had to fling herself through.

Clarkson had found out her husband-to-be was having a thing with her bridesmaid in the clip.

Levy explained, “The direction for the people at the wedding was, ‘Kelly’s going to run by you, you’re shocked, you’re stunned, there’s drama, watch her as she runs through.’

“So we were all watching you, we watched the doors fling open and then we watched you freefall forward down a set of stairs.

“Then there was like an odd calm that hit the room.”

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Levy then said people were like, “Is she still alive? What happened to her?” before Clarkson just shouted “I’m good” from the bottom of the stairs.

Levy also spoke about Annie Murphy performing her hit song from “Schitt’s Creek” with Clarkson on her show, admitting he screamed when he first saw it.