“Hizzo” is officially back!

The affection was strong between Harry Styles and Lizzo at Tuesday’s Brit Awards, when host Jack Whitehall paid a visit to the table of Lizzo, who told him she was “lost in your eyes” — only to receive a visit from Styles, at an adjacent table.

As the two snuggled up, with Styles laying his head on her shoulder, Whitehall feigned jealousy. “I’m now dead to her. Harold, back off.”

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“You said you were jealous,” replied Lizzo, giving Styles a tender kiss on the hand.

Later in the show, Whitehall dropped by Styles’ table — and this time it’s Lizzo who busts in on the interview. “What’s going on? You cheating on me?” Lizzo proclaimed.

“I think this could work as a little triplet,” Whitehall joked, leading Lizzo to pretend to lick his face and massage his shoulders, yelling, “Shut the cameras off! Shut the cameras off!”

Lizzo was then asked about what went on backstage in an interview with Capital FM. However, she insisted the pair just congratulated one another on their epic performances.

She was also presented with a framed photo of Styles and was asked what she wanted to say to the frame right there and then.

Lizzo quipped, “I’ve already said it. Don’t worry about me and Harry Styles we’re good, I don’t need to talk to any motherf**kin’ picture frame of him, that’s my friend.”

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To recap, it all began when Styles covered Lizzo’s “Juice” for a “BBC Live Lounge” performance, followed by the pair duetting on the song during a Miami concert, and capped off with Lizzo covering Styles’ “Adore You” when she visited “BBC Live Lounge”.

Twitter couldn’t contain its excitement at the “Hizzo” reunion:

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