There was another sad goodbye on “The Conners” this week.




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On Tuesday night’s episode, “Brothers, Babies and Breakdowns”, John Goodman’s Dan learned in a local paper obituary that his father Ed had passed away.

Ed, who had a child with Crystal on “Roseanne”, was last seen on the original series in season 6.

The character was played by Ned Beatty, who retired from acting in 2013 after appearing in an episode of Matthew Perry’s sitcom “Go On”.

“The Conners” episode also featured the introduction of Dan’s half-brother Ed Jr., played by “Shameless” star Noel Fisher.

“He wanted to keep us apart,” Dan tells Ed Jr. in an emotional scene together. “I abandoned him for what he did to me, but I never wanted to abandon you.”

Ed Jr. reveals to his brother that his relationship with Ed Sr. was very different, explaining, “He was a good dad to me.”

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Dan also has another sibling named Angela who has yet to appear on the show.

The off-screen death of Ed Sr. isn’t the first to happen on the show. “The Conners” notably killed off Roseanne Barr’s character after the actress was fired following controversy over racist tweets.