Ellen Page is shining a light on inequities experienced by some Canadians.

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In her new documentary “There’s Something in the Water”, co-directed by Ian Daniel, the actress and activist focuses on the effects of environmental racism on black and indigenous communities in Nova Scotia.

“In Canada, your postal code determines your health,” sociologist Ingrid Waldron says in the trailer for the film. “So we know that where you live has bearing on your well-being. Indigenous and black communities are the ones that tend to be located near hazardous sites.”

Page, who grew up in Nova Scotia, uses the documentary to spotlight the women standing up against government and private actors bringing pollution and dumping toxic waste in areas that affect local residents.

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“Next you thing you knew we were just in Nova Scotia going around with two 5Ds and hearing the stories of thees incredible women,” Page told ET Canada at TIFF, where the film premiered last year.

“I think the most shocking thing is when you’re meeting these individuals, you’re seeing these real, extreme consequences on human beings’ lives, communities’ lives, for generations and generations that cause horrific trauma and loss and suffering,” she added.

“There’s Something in the Water” had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019.