Jessica Simpson insists her sex life has vastly improved since she quit drinking.

The star has openly spoken about her battle with alcohol addiction while promoting her memoir Open Book.

She discusses her tough journey once again during an interview with the Coach Mike Podcast, toofab reports.

Simpson, whose husband Eric Johnson also quit drinking in solidarity with her in 2017, says the pair “had a lot of fun” when they got drunk.

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However, she doesn’t miss it at all and says their bedroom antics have gotten even better since they’ve been sober.

Simpson shares, “I have to say, sex is so much better sober. You feel a lot more.”

Despite being 100 per cent happy with her decision to quit, she says other people sometimes appear uncomfortable around her.

“Everyone was so weird around me. Like, they couldn’t be themselves,” Simpson reveals. “I was like, ‘Please have the drink, I don’t want it, I promise!’ But they were trying to be supportive, but they were also like tiptoeing around me that I am very conscious of that.”

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“When somebody’s not being themselves around me, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I’d much rather people be drinking around me than not, because I want them to be authentic and be themselves and not change to be around me. That, for me, it feels like they’re pitying me in some way.”