Wendy Williams Alludes To ‘Firestorm Of Phone Calls’ Over Joke About Amie Harwick Murder

Wendy Williams just indirectly addressed her latest controversial comments.

On Wednesday’s “The Wendy Williams Show”, the host mentioned experiencing a swarm of paparazzi and “a firestorm of phone calls” on Tuesday, according to Jezebel.

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While not directly referring to the reason for the drama, Williams had gotten into hot water the day before after a tasteless joke she made while discussing the news that Drew Carey’s ex-fiancée Amie Harwick had been murdered, allegedly by an abusive ex-boyfriend.

“Once the cops got there, she was down there dead on the ground. Was pushed off of a third-floor balcony. I’ll give you a little back story: She was killed not by Drew but by the ex,” Williams said on her show on Tuesday.

“Come on down!” she then said, imitating the “Price is Right” host and moving her head to look like she was watching a person falling to the ground.

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Williams’ joke set off immediate backlash online.

In recent weeks, the talk show host has found herself a the centre of controversy over other comments about Joaquin Phoenix’s cleft palate and gay men wearing women’s clothes.

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