Nathan Fillion Addresses Rumours About His ‘Super-Duper-Secret’ Role In ‘The Suicide Squad’

A few months back, Nathan Fillion was among the cast photographed on the set of James Gunn’s upcoming film “The Suicide Squad”, costumed in full superhero regalia.

Rumours have been swirling that he’s playing an obscure DC Comics character called Arm-Fall-Off Boy, whose superpower is that his arm can detach, allowing him to use it like a club to beat up bad guys.

Fillion was a guest on SiriusXM on Wednesday, where he was asked about the rumours.

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“That was never a comic I really dived into so I didn’t really know who that was that they were talking about,” Fillion said of Arm-Fall-Off Boy.

“And it certainly wasn’t the name that I was reading in the script,” he revealed, saying of the rumours: “So I just said, ‘Yeah, yeah, go for it, whatever you guys think is great, as long as you’re not asking [me).’ It’s so secret, it’s so super-duper secret.”

He also revealed how paranoid he’s become saying anything whatsoever about the top-secret movie, which is rumoured to be a reboot/remake of and not a sequel to 2016’s “Suicide Squad”.

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“Everything you get from them has your name plastered across it so that you can never distribute it, they’ll know,” he continued. “So I start to sweat a little bit when people start getting close to what I would consider something that’s actually accurate. I’m the worst liar, I’m the worst, I couldn’t play poker to save my life.”

During his interview, Fillion also chatted about his “Suicide Squad” co-star Pete Davidson, revealing the “Saturday Night Live” star will be making a guest appearance on Fillion’s ABC drama “The Rookie”.

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“We had him come down, do an episode of ‘The Rookie’, he plays my half-brother. My miscreant, ne’er-do-well half-brother. One’s a cop, one guy’s a pain in the ass and now they’re half-brothers. It’s amazing,” Fillion says.

“Let me tell you what I never knew about Pete Davidson, how incredibly charming he is, oh my God. I always thought that kid looked like 10 miles of bad road, I said ‘Who’s this guy? Who’s this guy coming in?’ He’s the nicest man, the nicest man. I used to think I was the nicest man,” he added.

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