Ben Schwartz played the ultimate trick on his “Sonic The Hedgehog” co-star James Marsden on “The Late, Late Show”.

Marsden, 46, performed his Jim Carrey impression on the show after reading a secret, mysterious note left deep in the cushions of the couch by Schwartz. Schwartz had appeared on the show the previous day and hid a detailed letter for Marsden, instructing host James Corden that it was to be read out loud by Marsden — no matter what it said — during his appearance the following day.

“This is an essay,” Marsden exclaimed after reaching into the couch and retrieving the mystery note.

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In the note, Schwartz poked fun at Marsden’s turn as Cyclops in the “X-Men” franchise before urging the actor to share his impression of their “Sonic” co-star, Carrey. Except, as Marsden explained, it’s not exactly an impression of Carrey, but an impression of his impression of a character named Fire Marshall Bill from hi “In Living Color” sketch show days in the 1990s.

“I would go to school doing impressions of his impressions,” Marsden explains. “That’s how I got laughs in high school.”

Noting he’s too scared to do the impression of Carrey in front of the actor, the “Westworld” actor did as he was instructed and delivered his Fire Marshall Bill impersonation for the audience.

“For those people who just tuned in, they’re like, ‘Did James Marsden just have a stroke?'” he adds with a laugh after his performance.